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A novel residential tower

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Every project starts off with a vision. An idea that feels utopian. All the glitters and pomp lies in this realm. Then the idea is sieved through filters of reality. It trickles down through sieves of material, of comfort, of budgets. To retain the essence of the initial idea is a task which requires will. One needs to have a mind of an adamant kid or a intelligent decision maker. I would rather fall in the second category.

At some point you start to loose the idea as such. But may be it paves way for something even more interesting. After all it is the journey that matters. This is one such project. It started out with a brief for a luxury high end residential tower. The initial form was to have three towers of varying scales elevated on a podium.

Like I mentioned before, the ideas were limitless. I had imagined a tower like a bubble of jelly, fluidic and with multiple layers of facade with segments of transparency overlooking into the paddy fields beyond. A creation that will be looked upon like a landmark. Considering the pace of developments in the city, I envisioned it to be a futuristic tower by the time the construction would be over. If i may confess, this form concept of dual layer of facade was in the back of my mind right from the architecture schools. I was just waiting for an opportunity to see it in reality. And this was that opportunity.

The form concept is like a baby in the womb. Its shapeless, and ever changing. The newborn baby doesn't look that attractive. It is our affection to the baby that makes it look attractive. Same applies for a design. You know it is not that great. But there is some voice in your mind which says you to expect it to get better. And you keep working on it with that expectation. This was my new born baby.

The form haven't had started any connection with the functions that was supposed to be incorporated. Its an expression of ones subconscious memory. The podium did not have entrances, the slope was not accessible. It is upon this abstract form that I usually start off a design from. From one abstract sketch that is disconnected from any thought.

Check this space for the update about this project.

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