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In the Green valleys of mini ooty

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

The site was in the high altitude hilly terrains of Malappuram, a region locally known as Mini Ooty, because of its foggy weather during most times of the year. It is situated very close to the airport and overlooking the valley through which the aircrafts descend onto the runway. It is a overwhelming experience to look down at the flights descend to an altitude even below where we are standing. Because of this peculiarity of the site, it becomes essential to consider the view of the site from the flights as well. This project will be visible from the flights and will be contribute to the image of the place. People would be talking about this project when they descend down. This brings us yet another challenge; to consider an aerial view while designing the project.

The second most important aspect of the project was the site itself. When an untouched virgin is considered for proposing a project, the best design that one could possibly do will be to keep it untouched itself.

The serene feel of the site with lush green, reminds of those scenes from Gladiator where he walks in heaven

The attempt was to implement a design that would retain the original condition even after construction, thereby doing justice to this virgin site.

The individual cottages on the hillsides are designed to merge with the slope.

A scene envisioned with the buildings merged onto the natural landscape creating a co-existence

A scene from the entrance with all buildings and landscape in place

More details about this project will be posted soon.

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