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Retreat to the misty forest in wayanad

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Being secluded into an enclosure placed on a serene and secure platform, like a cage in a forest, is not the way to experience nature. A true experience of being amongst the creations of nature is the one which exposes one to the insecurities as well. Sharing this common opinion with the client made us excited about the project.

A true experience of being amongst the creations of nature is the one which exposes one to its insecurities as well.

Schematic section of closed ecosystem resorts

Schematic section of the decks built on multiple levels

The concept of closed ecosystem is designed such a way that the whole site is enclosed using fiber netting on all sides and top as well. It is like a controlled environment, like a peice of nature. The site is abundant with fruiting trees and other varied species including medicinal plants. Bird nests have been set up in various pints in site, and a selected species of birds are within this ecosystem.

The idea of closed ecosystem is rooted as a testimony to the long lost respect to nature and the desire to truly live amongst the creations of nature.

After the guest comes to the resort and checks himself in, he has options to choose from. There is no rooms in these resort units. Instead we call it decks. One has the freedom to choose any deck of his liking, and spend his night there. Mattresses and other items for ones own comfort is free to choose from the various stores within the site. No deck is closed off from the nature, and there are no walls whatsoever to the units. The intricate design of the units are such a way that privacy is not compromised.

The concept of closed ecosystem tries to bring a balance between the human and the nature in a same shell with no barriers. The experience is unimaginably overwhelming.
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