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The residence by the Sea

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

The Residence by the Sea is the realization of the dream home of a person who has always wished to settle back in his hometown within the serene breeze of the sea and the sweet twitter of the birds, but yet be reminded of the memories of his life in the the Middle East.

The palatial view of the residence from the sea side

Recreation of a beach

The palatial view of the residence is complements the natural landscape. With palm trees and beach sand used as landscape elements, the ambience of the exterior, is a recreation of a beach side.

Crescent moon in landscape design

The landscape design is an abstraction of the half crescent of the moon, the representation of Islam as a religion. This crescent will be seen from any aerial photography, thereby establishing a landmark.

The cascading reflecting pool reflects the sky and the endless horizon representing the opposing duality of all elements in earth. The steps that takes us into the reflecting pool has a divine feeling of walking into the sea

Reflecting pool

The entire building is designed as to look like its floating on the waterbody. The arched roof that extends three floors above has natural grass. This represents the landscape extending over the building as one integral element.

Arched roof with natural grass

The entire structure seems like floating on a cascading water body, the essence of the design creating a weightless feeling for the building. The waterbody is the unifying concept of the design. The placement of the windows are oriented strategically to direct the flow of cold breeze through the residence. This will reduce the air-conditioning requirement by 30%. Moreover the whole residence is fed by 30kW solar power system, which produces excess energy that is being fed to the grid locally.

Aerial view of the complete project in 2.5 acres along the beach

The project is under construction. More information and photos about this project will be updated soon.

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